April 25th, 2019

White Cauliflower  

Recipe: Fava Bean and Cauliflower Risotto                                          


Recipe: Avocado rhubarb salad                                                                            

Snap Peas                                                                                          

Haas Avocados  

Recipe: Tostadas with Charred Snap Peas and Avocado

Fava Beans                                                                                         

Slicing Cucumbers  

Recipe: Rhubarb, Cucumber & Mint Salsa



VEGETARIAN: Rockhill Creamery: Wasatch Mountain Reserve

OMNI: Rockhill Creamery: Wasatch Mountain Reserve + Canyon Meadows Ranch Grass-Fed Ground Beef

Recipe: Spicy Beef and Cucumbers with Black Vinegar

OMNI +: Rockhill Creamery: Wasatch Mountain Reserve + Smoking Goose: Lamb Bacon

Cooking with Lamb Bacon

PALEO: Christiansen's Family Farm: Pork Tenderloin + Clifford Family Farms Eggs
Recipe: Curried Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin with Potatoes and Cauliflower

MEAT ONLY: Christiansen's Family Farm: Pork Tenderloin + Canyon Meadows Ranch: Grass-Fed Ground Beef



CHEESE: Rockhill Creamery: Snow Canyon

CHOCOLATE:  Seely Mints Red Box                                                                      Fruit Add-on:  Organic Spring Strawberries

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

EGGS: Clifford Family Farms

FLOWERS: Carla’s Bouquet of Star Gazer and Tiger Lilies

Steven Rosenberg