August 30th, 2018

White Cauliflower                

Delicata Squash                    

Red Beets                              


Honeydew Melons               

Heirloom Tomatoes           


VEGETARIAN: Beehive Cheese Promontory Cheddar

OMNIVORE: Beehive Cheese Promontory Cheddar + Christiansen’s Family Farm Ground Berkshire Pork

OMNIVORE PLUS: Beehive Cheese Promontory Cheddar + Christiansen's Family Farm Ground Berkshire Pork + Canyon Meadows Ranch Grass Fed Top Sirloin Steak

PALEO: Clifford Family Farms Eggs + Mary’s Organic Heirloom Whole Chicken

MEAT ONLY: Mary’s Organic Heirloom Whole Chicken



CHEESE: Kris Lloyd Buffalo Cheese with Native Herbs and Petals

CHOCOLATE: Hu Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa Dark Chocolate

FRUIT UPGRADE: Peachs and Plums


EGGS: Clifford Family Farms Eggs

Steven Rosenberg