City Home Collective

"No matter your budget, dietary preference, or daily cravings, Liberty Heights Fresh is a likely to have precisely what you want. And a few things you didn’t know you needed."

City Weekly

"An unusual sandwich may be hiding in a locale that many people believe only sells produce. Liberty Heights Fresh fits many of your food needs into a small location—and can also satisfy your lunch hunger."

Dang It Delicious

"Oh, the house-made salsas, sandwiches and soups...crazy good."

Devour Utah

"Nothing says “celebrate!” during the winter-holiday season like a gorgeous, plump, juicy golden turkey from the oven. Liberty Heights Fresh will be selling fresh, all-natural, pasture-raised, organic birds..."

Finding Beautiful Truth

"It’s the perfect spot to grab some locally sourced produce, sip on a specialty soda or taste test all the finest in terms of cheese. And, did I mention the displays? I’m still in awe of this dreamy little haunt."

The Gourmet Retailer

"Because of its carefully cultivated offerings, Liberty Heights Fresh draws a wide variety of shoppers who have myriad goals for the food they want – everything from eating more organics to wanting to stay clear of genetically modified foods to avoiding animals raised on a feed lot. The store's offerings can also meet food allergy and other free-from dietary requests."

The Gourmet Retailer

"At Liberty Heights Fresh in Salt Lake City, Utah, Owner Steven Rosenberg has reinvented the CSA concept, transforming it into a highly successful and deliciously comprehensive Sustainably Farmed Food Program (SFF). Rather than partnering with just one farm, Liberty Heights is working with a number of family farms in Utah and California to offer customers three types of membership: Vegan Sustainable, Vegetarian's Bounty and Omnivore's Delight."

Heartbeat Nosh

"Seriously, if you aren’t shopping here, check it out and I promise you will find something that will make you a lifer. Whether it is milk, a certain kind of chocolate bar, or cookies from a local baker – I promise, you will find it. Support local and check out Liberty Heights Fresh Market if you haven’t yet!"

Indie Ogden Utah

"Today Liberty heights brings its customers the best produce and foods from local farms, ranches and food producers that use only the finest all natural ingredients."

The Park Record

"The food comes from family farms, small producers and specialty artisans in California, Oregon, Washington and Utah when the weather permits. By pooling resources from a variety of producers, the program offers a smorgasbord of food that isn’t readily available from Utah farms in the winter."

Salt Lake Magazine & PCTV

"2014 award winner for best community service"

Salt Lake Magazine

"Salt Lake City has more than its share of cheese experts: Steven Rosenberg has been selling cheese for 20 years and is passing his passion along to a crop of young cheese heads at Liberty Heights Fresh."

Salt Lake Magazine

"Since opening in 1993, Steven has stuck to his vision of the distinctive corner store that only serves good food. “Good food” to Steven means food that is sustainably sourced, organic, non-GMO and flavorful. Before putting an item on his shelf, he researches the ingredients, the farms and vendors. Not only does he source locally for produce and products, but he travels the world searching for unique items."

The Salt Lake Tribune

"Steven Rosenberg, founder, owner and "chief eating officer" of Liberty Height Fresh Market has been raising the food consciousness of Salt Lake City for more than 20 years. For that reason — and because he has a stellar cheese selection and terrific sandwiches — he received the Community Service Award from Salt Lake Magazine.

SteveN Rosenberg does our city a great service just by being in business."

Say Yes

"It’s a gourmet little grocery shop with specialty cheeses, fruit and veggies, fresh baguettes, dips, and other little treats to take for the road. They even had my very favorite cheese, Cow Girl Creamery Wagon Wheel from the bay area."


"The staff at Liberty Heights Fresh knows their stuff. They can tell you where every product came from, what’s in it, what to pair with it and how to prepare it. They can recommend something special."


"People are going to say it's expensive, but you are paying for a curated selection of goods. You can go to a regular grocery store if you want to bargain shop. There's nothing wrong with that. But sometimes you need something a little more special, and this is the place to find it."